Me Made May is over for this year. Here’s my report on how it went.

My pledge was as follows:

I, Elisabeth, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May 2019. I endeavour to visibly wear something I made to work for at least 80% of the workdays of each week during May 2019.

Guess what? I visibly wore something I made to work for 100% of the workdays of each week during May 2019! And I loved it all the way! Also, I learned so much. But first, statistics!

Jasper Sweater , worn six times, and my refashioner’s 2018 skirt, worn twice.

Jasper Sweater Dress, worn five times.

Blue M6891, worn four times.

Orange skirt, worn three times.

Francoice dress, worn twice.

Helicopter T-shirt, worn once.

Stripey dress (V8789), worn once.

I wore the pin every day. Only a handful of people asked about it, but when I explained what it was about, they were all very positive about it. The pin did not really match the colours I was wearing, perhaps a heads-up that I’m being a bit old-fashion in the colourways. 🙂

On to lessons learned, divided in categories:

What I like to wear:

  • No more all-black dresses. Black is a nice basic, but it needs company on me.
  • Love my Jasper sweater and my refashioners skirt! I especially love the pockets on the skirt. They don’t show that much but can still carry a lot of stuff!
  • Tights+slip+skirt = messy
  • Wearing the same thing two days in a row is perfectly fine. I did so six times this month (sometimes with  variation on tights colour though).
  • The Jasper sweater and jeans is a really comfortable outfit.
  • The Jasper sweater dress is even more comfortable. And equally practical!
  • The stripey dress needs further evaluation, as soon as it gets warmer again.
  • Keep wearing the helicopters!

What I need to make more of:

  • I need to update my tights drawer! I only have RTW ones and some are worn so thin they look awful on parts of the feet. My toes poke holes into the already mended parts and it will soon be hard to mend in a reasonable way.
  • Finish that second M6891 shirtdress! (WIP since six months back.)
  • May can be chilly or very warm or something in between (need both warm and cool clothes).
  • I could use a sweatshirt and a top that is slightly less warm than wool and looks nice with the orange skirt.
  • I caught myself thinking several times that I would like to make another summery skirt. But not sure I need one. I have plenty of RTW ones. Without pockets, that is. This means, I need to at least make skirt pockets.
  • I also caught myself thinking that I love the concept of dresses. One garment (plus tights if colder weather) and boom! you’re dressed! So sewing dresses is never a bad idea.

Sewing technique and thoughts on future versions of the patterns:

  • Interface before making welt pockets!
  • Don’t make welt pockets on a thin, soft fabric! (I should know better, but hopefully now I do.)
  • The pocket of the Jasper Sweater needs to be sewn to the front to keep it from collapsing.
  • Maybe for a next Jasper sweater dress, put the pockets on the side panels instead.
  • For a next Francoise, larger pockets and an FBA.

To think of when I make my Me Made May 2020 Pledge:

  • I have plenty of me-mades, both for warm and chilly weather. I even have something to wear when I want to look my best, both for warm and chilly weather. I think I could make a more advanced pledge next year!


Just like last year, my main reflection is that I prefer to wear my me-mades before RTW, mainly due to comfort and pockets. The motivation to sew is now better than ever! The most comfortable garment is the Jasper sweater dress, closely followed by the Jasper sweater. Based on the lessons on what I need to make more of, I’m thinking about making a dark blue, turquoise or yellow sweater, or a cardigan, to go with the orange skirt. Or maybe a black one for winter. I also dream about making a royal blue sweater dress. And a white one for winter, and a red one for christmas… Maybe a short-sleeved one for summer? Not that I need that many of them!

Speaking of winter, for next winter I need to update the tights drawer. Brown, navy and black are the colours that go with most things in my wardrobe. Time to start trying out patterns!

Another reflection is that while I love my refashioners skirt, I only wore it twice. It had to do with shoes. Many times during the month, it was too cold for the ballerina type shoes I use a lot in the summer, but too warm for winter boots, and I didn’t want to wear heels. That made me wear jeans – that way I could just throw on a pair of sneakers. So I should probably try to find (and buy, I’m not ready to learn how to make shoes just yet) a pair of non-heeled spring/autumn shoes that go well with skirts and dresses. Especially since I love wearing dresses so much.

This year, I was determined to remember to check out the Me-Made-May discounts since I missed them last year. Based on the conclusion that I need something to go with the orange skirt and the realisation of my love for dresses, I bought the Blackwood Cardigan from Helen’s Closet and the Juniper Cardigan and the Laneway Dress from Jennifer Lauren Handmade. Looking forward to trying new patterns!

In all, this challenge brought me so many insights, and I felt so good all month wearing my own, comfortable clothes, so a big THANK YOU to Zoe, for arranging such a thought-provoking, fun and inspiring challenge!


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