The last two weeks flew by like a storm. I managed however to wear “visible me-mades to work” all of the workdays!

3rd week, Monday
I wore my Jasper sweatshirt with RTW jeans. Practical, comfortable.

3rd week, Tuesday and Wednesday
I wore my Jasper sweater dress with brown tights. So comfortable. I could live in this! Allthough I have been thinking about making the next version with side pockets.

3rd week, Thursday
I wore my black Francoise dress with hot pink tights. The dress looks good, but rides up when I lift my arms and then gets stuck. I suspect it needs an FBA. Fussy, but nice. It has pockets but they are small and worn. I probably should make a new one that fits me and my pocket needs.

3rd week, Friday
I wore my stripey hot pink/yellow dress. I love the colours, but honestly it doesn’t look that good on me. I’ll try and wear it again and see how I feel.

4th week, Monday
I wore my orange skirt with RTW sweatshirt. This day I felt so bloated and I could think of nothing that would look reasonably good on me and be comfortable at the same time (I think maybe the Jasper sweater dress was still drying from laundry…) But looking at the picture, I probably won’t be wearing that sweatshirt with this skirt again.

4th week, Tuesday and Wednesday
Two warm summery days in a row. The blue M6891 shirtdress is my go-to when it’s hot outside! It was worn so many times last May and I still love wearing it (even though I was a little bit tired of it by the end of last May). This May has been colder and I have worn it just as often as I want to! I’m working on another, but it has some details left to finish.

4th week, Thursday
I wore my Jasper sweater and my helicopter top underneath, with RTW jeans. The weather was a little bit in-between too cold for no sweatshirt, too warm for sweatshirt. So the sweatshirt went on and off during the day. I still feel a little bit awkward wearing the helicopters but my collegues were either polite or positive about it. I like it, it’s soft, comfortable and funny, and I want to wear it more often.

4th week, Friday
I wore my Jasper sweater dress with white 3/4 tights. I felt a little bit like I was dressed up as an egg. But it didn’t bother me that much! I mean, I love wearing the dress, end of story.

Lessons learned from 3rd and 4th week:

  • The Jasper sweater and jeans is a really comfortable outfit.
  • The Jasper sweater dress is even more comfortable. And equally practical!
  • Maybe for a next Jasper sweater dress, put the pockets on the side panels instead.
  • For a next Francoise, larger pockets and an FBA.
  • The stripey dress needs further evaluation.
  • I could use a sweatshirt and a top that is slightly less warm than wool and looks nice with the orange skirt.
  • Finish that second M6891 shirtdress!
  • Keep wearing the helicopters!
  • The Jasper sweater dress is even more comfortable. I already said that? I know!





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