This week, I wore something I made to work 5 workdays of 5.

Monday and Tuesday, I wore exactly the same thing. Some days you just wake up, put on the clothes from yesterday and move along, it’s just the way it is. Anyway, I have this orange skirt made from quilting cotton, which I wore a couple of times last May as well. One of the lessons from last year was that all waistbands need interfacing! The waistband still folds over itself on this skirt but I wasn’t that bothered by it. Maybe because it stayed under the cardigan. What bothered me though, was the skirt I wore underneath for warmth and fullness of the skirt. It constantly rides up when I wear tights underneath! (I should make an effort to find the pattern and finally tell the world which pattern it is!)

On Wednesday, I wore my new Jasper Sweater Dress with navy blue tights. It was sooo comfortable! I need to invisibly attach the pocket on the inside, it keeps collapsing!

On Thursday, I kept with the soft and comfortable and wore the sweater dress again. This time with brown tights.

Finally, on friday, I wore my blue M6891, which I wore so many times last May! This year, May has been so much colder and less sunny than last year. So tights and a cardigan was a must!


Lessons from this week:

  • Tights+slip skirt = messy
  • The pocket of the Jasper Sweater needs to be sewn to the inside to keep it from collapsing.
  • May can be chilly or very warm or something in between.
  • Wearing the same thing two days in a row is perfectly fine.





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