This was the first week of May. So how did I do with my Me Made May Pledge?

My pledge is to wear something that I made at least 80% of the workdays of the week. This week had only two workdays in May (Monday and Tuesday were in April and Wednesday was a holiday.) I wore me-mades both those days, which means so far I’m keeping to the pledge.

What I wore and lessons so far:

On Thursday, I wore my black wool dress. I never got to wear this dress during last May due to warm weather, so when it was really chilly when I woke up on Thursday, I took the chance immediately!

I’ts a Francoice dress made of a black suiting wool. I made it about 5 years ago and use it several times each winter but not that much. I find it hard to figure out what to wear with to bring a pop of colour without making me look like a clown. Just wearing all black I agree that it can look stunning on lots of people but for me it feels like I’m going to a funeral without something colourful next to it. And no, I am not a scarf person. When I made it, I added welt pockets. I never interfaced the fabric around the pockets and it’s getting worn out now. So far, it doesn’t show that much but I will have to figure out how to save it before it gets too weak! Lessons from this:

  1. No more all-black dresses. Black is a nice basic, but it needs company on me.
  2. Interface before making welt pockets!
  3. Don’t make welt pockets on a thin, soft fabric! (I should know better, but hopefully now I do.)


On Friday (and Saturday) I wore my Jasper Sweater and my refashioner’s 2018 skirt. I wear this combo all the time but maybe I’ll have to find a new favourite when the summer arrives for real!


  1. Love both garments! I especially love the pockets on the skirt. They don’t show that much but can still carry a lot of stuff!
  2. I need to update my tights drawer! These (RTW ones) are worn so thin they look awful on parts of the feet. While we were taking these pictures, my toe poke a hole into the already mended toe part of the tights!
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