One conclusion from Me Made May 2018 was that I needed to finally make the Jasper sweater with “real” fabric (i.e. not a toile). In the summer, I bought the fabric, cut it in August and the sewed it up in February.

I made size 6 with no alterations, except I omitted the little collar tab. The fabric was a real sweatshirt fabric this time. My toile had a funny collar due to lack of stability in the fabric. This fabric was the opposite and the collar is a little bit stiff. But it’s wonderful to pull up over the lower part of the face when it’s chilly.

I added topstitching along the princess seam. The pockets are from a contrasting fabric, of which I had just 30 cm from and could not use for much else. It shows when I use the pocket, but not otherwise.

While I was at it cutting out these airplane pockets, I cut a pair of pockets for a thrifted skirt which I liked a lot but lacked pockets. I have always thought that adding a pocket to a finished garment is practically impossible. But suddenly I came to think about welt pockets. Those are added at the end stage of constructing a garment and should be easier to add!

Yay! Welt pockets for the win! Except for the airplane pocket bags, I used some black jersey scraps and the stiffest fusible interfacing I could find in my stash. I interfaced both the skirt welt part and the welt itself. It came out very sturdy and nice, no floppy pockets in sight!

Finished skirt.


The two pieces make a nice, secretly matching combination!



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