The Jasper sweater turned out so well, that I decided to make the dress version of the pattern as well. I was also very curious of how the hood would turn out so I made the dress with a hood. I made size 6 again and lengthened the dress 6 cm at the “cut for sweater” line.

I was lucky and could sew the sleeve cuff without fussing!


At first, I thought the collar looked very strange on me, the way it folded itself when down. And so huge when up!



I have decided to call it special instead of strange. I like it. So far, I am omitting the buttons. I donĀ“t like buttons that don’t open, I just don’t see the point. But all in all, I really loved the dress when it was finished and took it out to the zoo the next day. With markings still on it!


The turn around views:

I think that’s all. My only problem is that yellow laundry happens so seldom in our house. I have to make more yellow things!


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