Spring is finally here! And Me Made May is very soon. I’m so excited, I even bought the pin!


This winter felt long and dark, but I managed to sew in small time segments, which was a wonderful escape from the everyday routine. Now that the energy levels are increasing again, I will document the results here! But first, I’ll make my Me Made May Pledge!


Last May I had very little clothes to choose between and set the goal of wearing something me-made (visibly) to work at least two days per week. However, some of those weeks, by lots of repeating, I managed the double! This year, after a winter of sewing a few more garments, I feel that I could wear something me-made at least 4 workdays per week ALL of those weeks, without feeling groce… I prefer to wear my me-mades and hope that forcing myself to wear them will increase my motivation to sew the things that I wish I had one or two more of. So here’s my pledge:


I, Elisabeth, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May 2019. I endeavour to visibly wear something I made to work for at least 80% of the workdays of each week during May 2019.


Now, on to writing about those winter makes!

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