I made some christmas presents last year (2018), for my son and three of his cousins.

This penguin was included in the “Handmade Christmas project book” which came with Simply Sewing issue 48. When I read the magazine at home, my son (then 18 months old) was clearly very into the pictures of the penguin. He could not yet speak all that much, but kept pointing at the penguin and turning the pages to look at it again. We read it several times and the same thing happened over and over again. I felt I needed to make him the penguin! And so I did.




I skipped the rosy cheeks but except from that I mostly followed the pattern. The attachment techique of the wings I felt was not what I wanted and went my own way about it. I didn’t feel like knitting the scarf so I cut it from a wool sweater that had been involved in a washing machine incident. The scarf I felt was a bit of a strangulation hazard on a toy, so I stitched it on to the penguin in the back. After all my son wanted to remove it first thing so I removed the stitches and hid the scarf 10 minutes after he opened the present. I’m so glad I didn’t force myself to knit that scarf!

I also made my first attempts to quilt! Earlier in November I had visited a sewing shop and put together a small kit just to try it and see if I liked it. There they had this adorable penguin fabric. And on the way out, my son “told” me we also needed the fabric with the ducks. The swedish word for duck was one of the few (about 20) words that he actually could say so what was I to do but to buy it! So when the penguin was finished, I made a little quilt and pillow for it and put it to sleep in a box until christmas.


I had a lot of fun quilting…


I had some cute pink rosy quilting cotton, and some blue with small white polka dots, which came in handy when my son’s cousin announced that she wanted to begin using makeup. Of course, I made her a zipper pouch to keep her makeup in. I used this tutorial, but not the measurements (just used the whole fat quarter). The pouch turned out very big, with room for all her other toiletries as well.

Another cousin had asked santa for his first wallet. I made the bifold wallet from Thread Theory with some quilting cotton from my stash.


Finally, when visiting my sister I found my nephew’s toy snakes lying around everywhere (a not so pleasant experience for me) and figured I’d make him a bag to keep them in. Of course, with snakes on!

I used a black fabric from my stash for the back, and shoe strings for closure. A simple make.

The fabric came from the same shop as the ducks and the penguins.

Yep, that was christmas. Now that it’s late april, it’s probably time to start preparing the presents for next christmas!!! 🙂




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