I intended to fix this this already a couple of years ago.

What made me hesitate, was that I couldn’t find the right kind of stuffing or mattress to replace the old, also worn and compressed one. That and the memory of how much work it was to refurbish the last time I did it, 15+ years ago.

Then one day, when I realized I could poke my finger through the fabric, I just decided it was time, went to Ikea and got a new “Indira” bedspread. They didn’t have it in pink anymore, but the pink doesn’t really go with the kitchen wallpapers anyway so I got the navy blue one.

I got to work. Removed the staples and flipped the old thin mattress so that the compressed part ended up close to the back instead of front.

Then on with the new bedspread and new staples to hold it. One hour later, I had this:

Lesson learned: When this bedspread gets worn out, just go and get a new! It isn’t that hard…


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