I’ve felt a bit worn lately and we decided as a family that I should get a whole day to myself, to do whatever I wanted. So last Sunday I spent most of the day in my sewing room! And I ended up… Mending.

Just to be clear, I really like mending! Taking the time to transform a broken something-anything to become something useful again is almost meditation for me. I get completely absorbed and forget time and space. Which was exactly what I needed. And after I had mended the most needed items in the pile, I finished three pairs of underwear (to be blogged…) and then spent the rest of the day cleaning up the sewing room, which was exactly what my sewing room needed. Now everything feels fresh, both my energy levels and the sewing room!

But back to the repairs. A couple of summers ago, I mended my boyfriend’s shorts and he was so pleased with them. They are his number one choice in hot weather! However, after a couple of years of additional wear, they tore on the knees and close to one pocket. Since they are his favourites, I told him to put them in the sewing room before they broke beyond repair, and told myself that this would be the first item to get my attention as soon as I could spare a minute to spend in the sewing room. So, this was the damage:

And this is the repair:

I wanted the new repair to match the previous one, so I used the same fabric scraps as for the “peep-holes” in the front (never throw things away…), put it behind the pocket and sewed a little back and fourth. It’s barely visible but I suspect with more wear it will show more. The big holes were situated between two internal denim patches, so I just made new overlapping denim patches for the inside and sew them on.

Earlier that day, we were folding laundry and my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to mend a little hole in his garden- or houswork trousers:

Yay, fun!

Now, making a durable repair on a hole like this requires the belt loops to come off. At least a little:

After moving the belt loop away, it’s quite easy to sew on the patch (again, internal):

And then fasten the belt loop again:

There! Hole mended!


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