Another very hot week has ended, the last week of May. I wore my blue M6891 twice AGAIN. And didn’t bother to take pictures. So here’s an old one:

To sum up, I lived up to my goal of wearing “a visible me-made garment to work at least twice a week during May 2018”. Except for the first week, May was very hot which limited my choices among the me-mades. Here they are pictured:

Blue M6891, worn 8 times


Stripey V8789, worn three times


Orange skirt, worn twice


Jasper sweater worn twice, the only two days with rain during May.


I own another two me-mades that are not too small at the moment, so in theory I could have used them but did not: A yellow striped version of the V8789 and a black Francoise made of wool suiting. The yellow one fits me so bad that I never dared to wear it to work! Off to the refashion pile you go, yellow dress! Due to the hot weather, I chose not to wear a black wool dress. It would have been fine (and I looked forward to wearing it) if the weather had been cooler. So I could only wear two thirds of my already limited me-made wardrobe. When thinking about it, I don’t really mind, the experiment was still interesting.

Considering the fact that I chose the blue M6891 all the time, I need more hot weather clothes appropriate for work! The blue M6891 is perfect for work in hot weather. I should make another, but with some adjustments: put some more room at the waistline, make the shoulders and armholes a bit smaller. Lighter or no interfacing in the collar. A quilting cotton works just fine!

Another lesson learned is to always interface waistbands. For some reason, I didn’t interface the waistband on the orange skirt. It keeps folding over itself and that annoys me enormously! On another note, the skirt was perfect for a surprise afterwork go-cart competition! (Really – everyone else was sweating! I might have flashed my underwear a few times though…)

The two days of rain, when I wore my Jasper sweater (toile), I decided that it’s time to make the “real” version now! It fits me almost perfect, except for the shoulders being a tiny bit too wide, so the next time I’m in a fabric shop I will be hunting for sweater fabric.

Overall, I really like wearing my me-mades and wish I had more time to sew more of them! (Pockets, pockets, pockets…) I also don’t mind wearing the same thing often, so maybe I’m not lacking that much really! But a pair of trousers and a sweater would be nice, and something more to wear to work when it’s really hot!

The past week has been so busy so I completely forgot about all those MMMay discount codes, most of them expired on the 31st of May, meaning last Thursday. Allthough I think I have the material I need for what’s currently needed, except for that Jasper sweater, so it doesn’t matter. That kind of fabric I want to buy in a physical shop anyway, where I can test-cuddle it before I make my decision!

THANK YOU ZOE, for a fantastic event and a wonderful challenge!

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Zoe Edwards · 2018-06-20 at 12:49

Wow that M6891 dress looks fantastic! You really should make more, it really suits you. I hope you enjoyed taking part in the challenge last month and that you took away some useful lessons. Sorry you missed the discount codes! xxx

    Lovisabeth · 2018-06-20 at 19:25

    Thank you for your very kind words! I will definitely make another M6891! It’s currently number 5 in my sewing queue, so hopefully within a year. 😉 🙂

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