The last week of May is over and I have mended another two things!

First, my son’s favourite potty training book!

I considered buying him a new one when this finally gave up, but then thought again, went to fetch the tape and taped it together in about two minutes. Money and environment saved and it didn’t even take a lot of time!

On to the next. This picture was taken when I walked the dog in the morning about two weeks ago:

Ouch! Poor shoe. A note to self not to buy shoes with embellishment holes – they are really just initial damage waiting to grow! I my toenails grow slightly upwards which gives constant wear on the upper part of all my shoes, and I should learn to consider that when buying shoes. But I thought to myself, I can fix this!

And so I did. I took the strongest thread that I have (my mum calls it Bear-thread because it is so strong) and the strongest hand-sewing needle I could find in the house and got to work. I used the existing holes in the outer circle where they were still intact, and pierced new ones inside of the damage. Almost invisible, at least my camera seems to think so!

In an attempt to avoid additional damage from my toenails, I also reenforced the insides with some turquoise and cerise fabric scraps. Right after applying the glue, I realised I should have switched the colours between the right and the left shoe to make it more nautically correct. Ah well, at least it’s not red and green!

My cutting may not have been that precise…

This mend was also much quicker than I had thought it would. Maybe 20 minutes. A lot quicker than going to the shops to buy new ones!

So, to conclude Mend it May: I achieved my “one per week” goal, with a bonus shoe mend at the end! Time is always very limited, but these were actually fun mends and I’ll try to apply that feeling on the rest of the mending pile!


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