Keeping it up with the me-mades!

The weather has kept its sunny and warm state so I had to repeat myself quite a bit due to lack of clothes suitable for the weather!

The 3rd week of May, I wore me-mades every workday! My blue M6891 came to work with me on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. I was not as annoyed with the waist, maybe I’ve gotten used to it now. But still something I need to think about for next version.

Wednesday I wore a new dress! It’s V8789, in a knit that my mum bought some time in the 80’s or 90’s.

I made size 14 even though my measurements put me in a 16-18 size. I made it up in muslin a few years ago in size 18 and it was huge on me so I decided to try the smallest size in my pattern in a knit to see if it worked better. And it did.

However, when I tried it on, I decided that I shall not wear dresses with a gathered skirt. No pictures, it was that bad. So I cut it…

And flipped:

And the result: A very comfortable, colourful dress!

Thursday, I wore the orange skirt again. I really wish I would have interfaced the waistband. It keeps folding over itself.

This week (4th week of May) I didn’t take any pictures. But again, blue M6891 on Monday, and the striped dress on Thursday and Friday. I’m a little bit unsure about the striped dress. Maybe it’s a little bit too joyful for work? In the summer though, it seems like the (not-really-existing-in-the-first-place-) dress-codes ease up a little bit. At least no-one told be to go home and put on some “real” clothes!

An overall conclusion is that I really like wearing my me-mades and wish I had more time to sew more of them! They are, in general, more comfortable than my RTW ones and all my own makes have generous pockets. I don’t always walk around with things in the pockets but use them a lot to temporarily free my hands, so when there are no pockets in an outfit, I tend not to like using it.

Also, I don’t mind repeated outfits as much as I once did. I guess I’ve gotten used to the small wardrobe I currently have and prefer to wear comfortable clothes even if I only have a few of them.

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