Hey, 1st week of MMMay 2018, how did I do?

I pledged to use me-mades at least twice a week at work, and this first week I did.

One day was supposed to be sunny so I chose to wear my blue M6891, which I sew four years ago with a quilting cotton from Panduro. It is sleeveless, so I brought a RTW cardigan to wear at the office. Worked well! I even got a compliment. 🙂

M6891, with the sun in my eyes!

I noticed as I have before that the waist is a little bit low and a little bit small, so the dress rides up. It is good around the bust but the shoulders and armholes are too wide. I wear it anyway, the large shoulders and armholes provide ventilation on hot days, but something to think of if I make this dress again!

The next day the forecast said rain and chilly, so I wore my Paprika patterns Jasper sweater. This is actually a wearable toile from two years ago (I got pregnant and didn’t get to making the final version), but it is so cosy so I decided it could come to work with me on a day like that. It was so comfy, and no one gave me any peculiar looks so when it turned out I had to work on saturday as well, I wore it again as a comfort-garment!

Jasper sweater, inside hiding from the rain.

The fabric is from my mum’s old stash from the time before last time velvet and the likes were in fashion… Some kind of synthetic, short-napped thing. The nap being all over the place due to me not bothering with a toile, hardly shows at all. The shoulders are a tiny bit too wide, I think I’ll make a small adjustment for the final garment unless I use a thicker fabric. Maybe, but only maybe, I will widen the upper sleeves a little bit. Again, depending on which fabric I’ll use.

Result: 3 days of a minimum of 2. Passed!

Passed! Yay!

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