I just signed up for me-made May. My first challenge as a blogger! I am soooo excited! This was my pledge:

“I, Elisabeth (http://thankstomyhands.neblade.se/blog/), sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’18. I endeavour to wear a visible me-made garment to work at least twice a week during May 2018.”

The thing is, allthough I sew a lot, I don’t have that many garments that I have sewn from start to finish for myself. All of them are sewn before I was pregnant, so several of them are too tight! I do have some that I can wear and these will be worn during May. I hope to find out what kind of fit adjustments I’d like to make for future garments. I also would like to challenge myself to wear my me-mades to work, which makes me a bit nervous as I want to keep my appearance at a reasonable oddness level… And third, I want to increase motivation to sew for myself!

Only two days left… 🙂

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