Two of my son’s cousins turned 1 and 4 this month. I had found some lovely fabric from Trådsnella (cars and tractors) to make them each a long-sleeved tee. While I was at it, I sewed two sets of tee and tights for my own kid. (The contrast is from a remnant bin from somewhere.)


The pattern for the top is, again, from Ottobre Design 1/2018, pattern number 12. One of the    cousins is about the same size as my son, so I made the same alterations here as for the PJs, except I made the top for the cousin a bit more normal length (~5 cm shorter than my son’s top). For the older cousin I made size 122.


Cousin’s top to the left, long-torsoed son’s top to the right. 🙂

Since there was still some fabric left after cutting out the tees, I made two pairs of matching tights for my son. As before, they come from an old Ottobre pattern that I have lost but is altered in so many ways over time that it is now completely something else. This time I lengthened them a little as well. There wasn’t enough of the contrast fabric left though, so I had to do a little piecing with some small bits from the tractors.

By the way, this is how I hem the narrow sleeves and legs on kid’s clothes. Before I figured out that this was easier, I tried to topstitch with the sleeve turned right side out. It was hopeless, and I always caught the other side of the sleeve and had to start over a couple of times before I had a decent hem. Then one day, I just didn’t feel like turning the sleeve after ironing, and realised that this was easier…

Hemming the legs of the tights.

How I struggled with pattern placement with the tractors! I wanted the top center tractor to be placed centered below the neckline. Once I had cut in for the first bodice, I realized I had cut the back… And I only had fabric-margin to be precise with two fronts so the front had to be ”not as perfect”. On to the cousin’s front, where I managed to place the tractor perfectly. Only to realize when sewing, that the neckline was too tight and had to be cut open, slicing right through the tractor!

Notice the perfectly centered tractors at the back!


Sliced neckline to the left, “not as perfect” front to the right.

When I was finally done, snaps put in and all, I discovered that there was a slipped stitch on the front neckline of little cousin’s tee! Arrrgh…. I tried to convince myself that no one will notice but me and that I should leave it as is, but in the end (right before wrapping the presents) I unpicked the front neckline and re-sewed it. Now let’s just hope they fit!

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