It seemed that the baby needed some new PJ:s. And I didn’t mind some sewing time!

I had a cute cotton jersey fabric in the stash to make a toile or two. The pattern for the top is from Ottobre Design 1/2018, pattern number 12. The tights are originally from an issue of Ottobre which seems to have disappeared from the house, it has also been changed quite a lot to make room for cloth diapers so it is not the same anyway.

Back to the top. Baby’s measurements put him in a size 104 in width and length, while arm length was about size 80-86. So in the first attempt I made it up in size 104 but with sleeve length in size 86. Of course the armscye was way too big, and the shoulder seam quite a bit down passed the shoulder. Still though, good enough for PJs.

Note the elastic tail! 🙂

I put in anchor snaps from 3exter at one shoulder to make it easier to pull over the head.


I had just enough of the fabric to make another top. This time I made the witdh and length of size 104, but sleeve and armscye in size 86. I then shortened the shoulder line as described in this tutorial. The fit is much better. Still a little too big, but he’ll grow into them soon!

This time, sailor’s hat snaps to tell them apart!


Now on to the fancy PJ fabric!



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