I struggle to find a good hat for my baby. All the hand-me downs, and all the ones in the stores were if not ill-fitting, not very good. They either cover his forehead, his ears, or his neck, and I would prefer if the hat did all of that!

For the refashioners 2017 I made a carry-cover from an old suit, and it had a hood that I had drafted using my bendable ruler matching the shape of baby’s head. It turned out quite nice so I used that template to start with. I made it a little bit smaller and tried it on. Pinched out excess, marked where more material was needed. Made another. Tried it on. Pinched… You get the picture.

I think this is the sixth and final edition of the pattern! A lot of work, and it’s a little bit big, but it covers his forehead, his neck and his ears so it was worth it!

The fifth was almost perfect but turned out shorter in the back than intended. Works OK with a high collar.

The outer layer is remnants from a boiled wool that I bought a few years ago. The lining is some cotton jersey of a similar origin.

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