My mum loves cats. I do too, but she is a bit more… enthusiastic. After she had taken a week off from work just to babysit for us, I wanted to give her something as a token of appreciation . I found this beautiful cat quilting cotton and bought it for her.

While she was babysitting, I also showed her a knitting kit that I had bought to knit a sweater for her grandchild. She immediately said she wanted to do it so I gave that to her too. Meaning, she would need a knitting kit tote!

What else was there to do but to find some matching fabric for her cat fabric and make that tote bag?

We made two internal pockets.

One zippered pocket, for small items like stitch markers and buttons.

One open pocket, for the pattern. Check out the pattern matching! 😉

Back and front. We put in an eyelet for snaplink closure.

And with the knitting project “stuffed” inside! I guess it will be sufficient if she ever decides to knit an adult sized onepiece!

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